Educator, Researcher and Coach in Finland

Essi Ryymin

Dr. Essi Ryymin is an educational researcher and pedagogical developer who works as a Principal Lecturer and R&D Lead in the School of Professional Teacher Education in Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK). She has over 15 years of experience in academic, corporate, and governmental institutions in educational RD&I, teaching, coaching and international affairs. Her doctoral thesis published in 2008 focused on teachers’ professional development in technology-supported networks. In her career, she has lectured, and written several articles and publications, about educational change, teachers’ professional development and digitalization. As a certified coach and supervisor she has facilitated many educational institutions in digital competence and pedagogical change. Today, her work is interdisciplinary and global by nature. She leads the Global Education Research & Development -team, which designs new research-based training concepts for international clients, and works as a teacher educator in several global programmes. The questions that inspire her currently are: How we learn efficiently and create new knowledge collaboratively? What are the skills we need in global and digital working life? How to enhance teachers’ and learning communities’ capacity for innovation?

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