PHodgson300x40Peter has over 30 years experience as a leader and manager within theVET sector and has been active in the European Education and Training arena for more than 20 years.
Peter holds a degree in Business Studies and Masters Degree in National and Regional Economic Planning. He has been a founding member of EfVET in its early years and has held the position of President for the past 8 years. During this time EfVET has become a strong, effective and viable Network providing a voice of practitioner VET institutions in driving improvements in VET across the Europe. He continues to play a major role in a number of Education and Training Thematic and working groups and has recently been invited to join the DG Employment / ESOC Advisory Board to the European Commission.

During his presidency, EfVET has played a key role in several European initiatives, including the European Qualification Framework and Credit Transfer Initiative, and has advised and influenced policies aimed at improving the mobility of younger people and adults, so they can gain work experience in different countries across Europe. Peter is a specialist in project management and bids under the Lifelong Learning Programme and more recently within the Erasmus+ programme.

In 2010 he was invited by the Commission and Belgium Presidency of the European Union to present a formal position paper on the future of VET to complement the Bruges Declaration and he also led a recent stakeholder forum, organised by the EU, to discuss future programmes to support LLL and Erasmus+