Deputy-Director General for Guidance and VET - Ministry of E.C.S. Spain

Soledad Iglesias Jiménez

University degree in Biological Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid.

Civil servant belonging to the Body of Secondary School Teachers, on temporary leave.

Civil servant belonging to the Body of Education Inspectors.

Professional career

She worked for five years in a private company, Antibióticos S.A., as a Laboratory Technician.

Natural Science Teacher and Secretary at Vocational Education and Training Schools.

Education Inspector in Madrid, carrying out the supervision of state and private schools.

Central Technical Inspector (supervision of Spanish schools abroad and inspector of secondary education at European Schools, responsible for the supervision and assessment of Spanish teachers and subject coordinator of Biology and Chemistry).

Territorial Deputy Director in West Madrid.

Regional Director of Madrid.

Deputy Director General for Guidance and Vocational Training since 2004 up to , Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Spain