EU Projects, Quality assurance System and Gender Equality Expert

Sylvia Liuti

Graduated in Economics. Since 1997 partner of Associazione FORMA.Azione srl. More than 25 years of experience in designing and managing of vocational training and adult learning services. Since 2001 Responsible of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Systems and European Projects design and implementation. Professional expertise in Gender Policies and practices in the Labour Market, Public speaking, Human Resource management. Currently Vice President of the Regional Association of People management and member of the National Committee on Diversity management of the National Association of People management. She has coordinated several EU projects within which the most important are: TOI LdV project “P.R.I.S.D.O.Q.”, ERASMUS + KA 2 PRALINE “Peer Review in Adult Learning to Improve formal and Non-formal Education”, ERASMUS + KA2 SEQUENCES “Self and external Evaluation of QUality in Europe to Nourish Childhood Education Services”. She is enrolled in the National Register of Peers established by the Italian QANRP.