EfVET offers European project partners the opportunity to disseminate progress, results and products of their Transnational Transfer of Innovation; Development of Innovation and other European initiatives – a key to successful valorisation of good practice outcomes and sustainability.

Conference delegates to walk around and quickly gain an overall understanding on all initiatives presented.

This is followed by a traditional “Roundtable” session, where project promoters have the opportunity to provide more in-depth information to all interested people and discuss future cooperation opportunities.

The Roundatbale session will take place on Friday 25 October from 9h00 to 10h30.

This is the opportunity for conference delegates to learn about interesting initiatives, colleges and project promoted by EfVET members.

Note: delegates have time throughout the conference to explore project outcomes and results and identify further partnerships and project possibilities for future Erasmus+ Programme initiatives. Project promoters are invited to bring promotional and information materials about their initiatives which can be displayed for the whole duration of the Conference.