Care Ware Nordic: Welfare Technology Solutions for the future.

Presented by:

Jan Sig Wadsholt

SOSU Østjylland

Care Ware Nordic: Welfare Technology Solutions for the future.

The goal of Care Ware Nordic is to spread welfare technology in the ÖKS (Oresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak) region through a close cooperation between developers of welfare technologies, educational institutions, professionals and public authorities.

It is a fact that societal problems do not care about boundaries. In a world of global challenges, many problems are not possible to solve only on national level. In this context, with our common history, culture and language a new Nordic cooperation on Welfare Technology makes very good sense.

Welfare technology has become an important element in our efforts to innovate and modernize our common Nordic Welfare Model and the development of welfare technology solutions gains increasing focus both nationally and among the more than 1200 Nordic municipalities.
The Care Ware Nordic project intends to develop common solutions to problems and challenges that we share in the Nordic countries through

  • Sharing of Knowledge
  • Business Development
  • A Common Market and
  • Competence Development in the Health care Sector

The Scandinavian countries promote digitalization and e-health as well as testing of welfare technology on a large scale. Together with our neighbors, we are among the world’s leading countries in the field of welfare technology development. The Care Ware Nordic collaboration offers the opportunity to open until now closed and limited purchasing systems and trade and support knowledge sharing and cross-border exchange of experience in the ÖKS area.
The partners in Care Ware Nordic and the participating companies share a common interest in establishing a strong and a clearly research based market for welfare technology solutions.
The partners in the project consortium are both private and public and are chosen based on current cooperation and common goals of better quality of life for the citizens of the Nordic countries, better and more effective and sustainable solutions for regions and municipalities and growth for companies.

By joining a Scandinavian model for both demonstration and sharing of knowledge in welfare technology, companies get access to a much larger customer base and public purchasers will have access to both a larger supply of welfare technology and more exchange of experience.
All for the benefit of the end users: citizens in need of high quality health care.
The project is supported by the Interreg Ôresund-Kattegat-Skagerak program which is a EU program supporting initiatives and projects between Denmark, Sweden and Norway with the aim of solving common challenges in four areas of action one of which is Innovation.
One expected outcome is that the Care Ware Nordic cooperation model continues after the three-year project period and spreads not only to other Nordic countries but also to other European countries.

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