Cios International Educational Sports Programme

Presented by:

Ms. Büşra Aydoğan and Mr. Simon Weel

Roc Nova College: Cios Haarlem Hoofddorp

In 2018 we have launched the Cios International Educational Sports Programme (CIESP) project at Cios Haarlem Hoofddorp in the Netherlands. Students and teachers from Spain and Japan participated in the programme. In 2019 the programme took place in Spain, at one of our partner schools. The programme includes sports, intercultural communication, cultural activities and teaching in English.
The aim of this project is to intensify the cooperation between countries that are offering comparable top education in the field of sports on vocational level. However, we want to cooperate with schools on KA2 level. Our aim is to repeat this project every year and thereby expand the number of participating countries.
Also, we have found out that currently there are many fields of vocational studies present on the EfVet congress, but nothing regarding sports education, health or vitality. By introducing the CIESP-project on the EfVet congress we wish to bring these subjects to your attention and make new partnerships.

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