Das PerLen-Konzept®: A concept for process-oriented teaching and learning

Presented by:

Dominik Bick

Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien Saarland

“Das PerLen-Konzept®” (Personal Learning experiences), which aims at identifying and developing extracurricular competences as well as subject related theoretical knowledge, embraces a moderated, socio-cooperative working approach. It opens up a new form of communica-tion on learning among members in a group and unites the results in form of four differently colored modules.
Lerning-PerLe serves awareness and visualization of all learning experiences associated with activities.
(to strengthen your self-confidence, to explore your own learning strategy, to get to know each other)
Subject-PerLe is a different form of proof of achievement in schools.
(Alternative to reviews and written work)
Job-PerLe opens up perspectives on one’s future career.
(Application for internships and training on job fairs especially organized for this purpose)
Each “PerLe” consists of four differently colored pages/modules. These pages/modules make up one “PerLe” and represent at the same time the modular structure of the concept beyond.
Module 1 is for remembering and collecting relevant personal learn-ing experiences, which account for acquired skills. These acquired skills are collected on a blue piece of paper.
Module 2 is for the so-called guided reflection (respectively prof-lection in case of the Job-PerLe) on the one specific experience the student has chosen out of the collection. This reflection is written on yellow pages.
Module 3 is for visualizing the experience the student reflected on before and respectively for creating an individual record of achievement. A wide spectrum of different forms of visualizing these achievements is possible (e.g. texts, pictures, tables, exercises, videos).
Module 4 is for the feedback from the other members of the group on the individual PerLe. It is written on green pages.

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