Didactics in VET in the Digital Era (DiVitDE)

Presented by:

Claus Brandt Kristensen

CELF (Centre for vocational Education Lolland-Falster)

At CELF (Centre for vocational Education Lolland-Falster) we have some years been working on digitalization of our education and training programs with a focus on both LMS ( Learning Management System) and content e.g. digital didactics.

This transition process has challenged our organization at all levels:
• Teachers in the way they prepare and deliver classes;
• Department managers in the need to secure the right competences in the teacher faculty and in the year planning and culture changing;
• College/school management justifying, promoting and handling the response to a massive culture change in the organization.

In 2018 CELF received an ERASMUS+ KA2 grant for the project “Didactics in VET in the Digital Era” (DiVitDE) where we in a strategic partnership with partners from Estonia, Germany, Latvia and Sweden are developing an interactive handbook on how to approach a digital transition process based on our collective experience.
At the roundtable we will share CELFs experiences with digital transition of VET (Vocational Education & Training), disseminate the preliminary outcomes in DiVitDE project and have a talk with the roundtable participants about the digitalization of VET.

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