Green learning environments- education for sustainable development at the workplace

Presented by:

Valentina Chanina


By the past pilot experiences, less polluting models of activity can be developed with the help or reskilling and upskilling, but a long-term focus is also needed with regard to the moment when a green industry is achieved. The need for green skills affects all sectors, from water to automotive, from agriculture to fashion, and involves all the steps of the production process, from design to manufacturing to marketing.
Therefore, the industry requires skilled workers who able to work with an environment -friendly mindset and contribute not only to the development of the green economy but also to its sustainability.
During the roundtables we would like to discuss about:

  • how can so-called “green skills” be acquired by practical training at the workplace?
  • What are the key elements of green skills?
  • Should green skills acquisition be related to specific sectors or is there a transversal approach needed?
  • What is the role of regional/local authorities in building skills ecosystems that foster the development of a green economy and sustainability?