Karanga – Global Community for Life Skills

Presented by:

Paolo Nardi

Cometa Formazione

Karanga is a Global Alliance of experts (practitioners, policy-makers, scholars) in Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills. This roundtable aims at sharing the main objectives of Karanga and the opportunities for EfVET delegates to join a community of practice where discovering partners for knowledge exchange, sharing tools, promoting projects.

The relevance of skills in VET cannot be restricted to the technical and professional ones; the impact of social emotional learning and life skills is positively correlated to both professional and personal development of VET learners. The inclusion of these skills in VET curriculum increases the quality and the effectiveness of training, and affects the excellence of a VET provider and its trainers.

The inclusion of social emotional learning and life skills in training is not easy: trainers require adequate education and innovative tools, as well as a community of practice to get inspiration by.

Karanga supports policy makers and practitioners from across the world to promote quality and equitable “SEL and Life Skills” through platforms that connect, coordinate, and drive action. Our three goals are:
1. Promote understanding of SEL-LS and an awareness of its role in helping VET learners to thrive in school, work and life;
2. Connect and coordinate international, regional, national and local SEL-LS stakeholders, initiatives, and resources;
3. Support local and national decision-makers and practitioners with scalable frameworks for implementation and action.

How does Karanga work? The organisation has four main outputs:
A Connected Community – We actively facilitate a global community of trainers and teachers through an online platform and collaborative projects and international events.
Implementation Support – We support VET providers, schools and their ecosystems to implement real change by providing resources from the field of social emotional learning and life skills.
Advocacy – We advocate for SEL and Life Skills education that provides all the necessary skills for learning and life.
Cutting-edge Research – We provide access to and support for cutting-edge research communities exploring what works best and what might be next.

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