Leadership for learning in VET

Presented by:

Anne-Birgitte Rohwedder

Randers Social-og sundhedsskole

Leadership for learning and building capital

The round table will be based on the results from the KA2 project: Best leadership for learning in VET 2017-2019
The project addresses leadership for learning in VET, as Leading students learning and leading teachers learning.

The project is designed to build a transnational network of “leaders for leaning”
The organizations constituting the network:
• Randers Social – og Sundhedsskole, Denmark
• ROC Da Vinci College, Netherland
• Cometa Formazione, Italy
• K-E Menedzsment Standard Kôzpont, Hungary in cooperation with Budapesti Innovatív Gimnázium és Szakgimnázium
• Haaga-Helia School, Finland
The Network got this feedback on the interim report for KA202-2017-013:
“The partnership seems to be working perfectly and the partners are investing (not figuratively) a lot in the project in order to make it a success. The partnership seems to be very dedicated to the project.”
“The transnational meeting seems to bring great value to the partnership and the project itself. The agendas are extensive and good practices connected to the aim of the project – how does best leadership practices appear and what is the critical mechanism that makes the best leadership – are thoroughly handled and discussed.”
The purpose of the project is to point out the critical mechanism that makes best leadership for learning practice”
Working with collaborative analysis based on transnational jobshadowing , observations and interviews and “what makes best leadership for learning practice” we came up with four analytical categories

The final results of the project will be presented and discussed at the round table:
The experiences and findings from collaboration and sharing best practises in the KA2 project prove the relevance and increasing potential in transnational partnership.

Visit the website A DNA-model of Individual Capacity of “Leadership for Learning in VET”