Moving Generation – Making mobility more accessible to VET providers

Presented by:

Luca Lombardi


The “Moving Generation” is the generation of young people for whom training abroad is a necessity to meet the challenges of the job market, but also a key step for becoming European citizens. Experiencing learning mobility is a unique training opportunity for European VET students, yet there are still many VET providers which are not fully aware of the possibilities offered by Erasmus+ or do not have the competences and resources to participate.

During its 20 years of work in the field of learning mobility, Uniser has developed a working methodology aimed at facilitating the participation of VET providers in mobility actions. This approach seeks to amplify the impact of projects and create the best possible conditions both for schools and participants. The“Moving Generation Methodology”is strongly based on the cooperation between all the components of the system (VET providers, mobility providers, institutions and business actors) as well as on use of technology to support VET providers in managing their projects.

Thanks to the Moving Generation approach in the latest years 3.500 students from almost 200 VET providers in 6 European Countries could make a mobility experience abroad through KA1 projects. The presentation will go through the steps of the methodology and the developed tools, it will also be a possibility to collect feedback and exchange thoughts.

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