Presented by:

Monica Verzola


The aim of the Erasmus+ KA3 ‘SOLITY’ project is to set up a solid, shared and transferable model to measure the social utility of VET, based on a specific pool of qualitative and quantitative indicators. This is not only a way to measure VET direct and visible impact but also a way to educate society to see the social value of VET, which is on the contrary often perceived as a second choice.

The project is developing a framework that allows measuring the performance of a VET provider in a simple, effective and transferable way. By doing so, it strengthens the link between VET provision and society, raising awareness on the social impact of VET on individuals, local communities and society.

The main challenge for SOLITY is to create a methodological framework which can be used in different EU member states, where different VET systems are in place. Another big challenge is the collection and reliability of the data provided by the VET providers that will use the framework.

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