Assessing Digital Maturity in Colleges – ADMIC


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Digital transformation could be defined as “anything from IT modernization (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimization and the invention of new digital business models. The Global Edtech Landscape 3.0 report states that “schools, colleges, universities and institutions are now enterprises with increasingly complex and sophisticated needs”. Furthermore, “this area of transformation supports the management of the three dimensions of education as an operational business: the institution itself, students and staff”. EU VET institutions face challenges in developing approaches to deliver quality and inclusive education through virtual means, whilst ensuring support for learners, staff and trainers is in place to help them adapt to online/distance learning. This breakout session will explore how VET colleges assess their digital maturity and use this to accelerate digital transformation. Participants will work towards the following goal: What are the strategic implications for VET colleges in accelerating digital transformation and how will it shape the future of work, specifically in the design, delivery and management of VET provision at all levels. In groups, participants will be asked to consider Digital Strategy & Leadership, Digital Culture, Digital Skills and Capabilities, Data and Decision Making and Developing Ecosystems and their role in creating and delivering Digital Value.