Athanasia Toli

The EfVET conference about “A Vocational Education Training Agenda of Future Skills for Green Transition” is a very interesting initiative that helps people gain further knowledge about the updating of education and training programs that address green transitions and the need of tomorrow. Being a political science student myself, I decided to take part in this conference, because I am concerned about the ways that sustainable living can be integrated at the workforce, so employees can become familiar with greening and take interest in protecting the environment, which our society definitely needs. Greece is a country that does not prioritize environmental education, and the exchange of different ideas especially at the workshops may convince those in charge to change the status quo. This conference will find solutions to issues such as the capacity needed in the training provision and the role of the government and employers.

My personal experience with greening includes taking part in a reforestation after a terrible conflagration. Another point worth mentioning is that I don’t use disposable items and recycle daily.