Brick stones to build capacity for excellent vocational education and turn green


Green transition is not only about sorting waste and using sustainable energy – transition is also about learning. We must learn to think, work and collaborate in new sustainable ways, while we keep focus on students learning and development. The fast-changing context challenge both leaders and teachers in VET and requires a culture characterized by an open for learning environment, collaboration and the professional skills to handle complex problems. All three of the mentioned are important brick stones building capacity and go green at the same time. This session provide the participants with empirical grounded knowledge about the eight Bricks-stones, but most important we will discuss how to develop these organizational and individual capacities. We invite participants with an interest in the fundamental resource for transition: organizational learning and capacity building. The leader of the session are Anne-Birgitte Rohwedder, PhD Assistant Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark

Questions to stimulate discussion

  1. If green transition is about learning – what are the impliction for the way to adress green transition in your organization?
  2. What is the most important brick-stone to develope in your organization – why this, and how will you work on it?