14. Bridge the Ocean

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Bridge the Ocean

The session will share best practices of Bridge the Ocean, an innovative Erasmus+ partnership project designed to advance study abroad possibilities for VET students in EU and Canada. Partners are from Canada, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Developing international learning opportunities for students in VET programs requires an innovative approach to global mobility resulting in study abroad models and programs that will be accessible and attractive to VET students resulting in strengthened preparedness for the global labour market. Bridge the Ocean project has developed study abroad models that will meet these needs.

The presenters and the audience will discuss steps leading to the development of the BTO pilot mobility model: a) short and applied learning modules in hospitality, green construction and entrepreneurship representative of a wide range of industry sectors ensuring relevant input to the mobility model; and b) development of the actual mobility model based on best practices of short modules and related to creation of a sustainable framework for reciprocal mobility between EU and Canada, and promotion of the validation and recognition of formal and informal learning.