Greening and Sustainability through VET

Setting the scene Using the SDGs as a guideline, the participants in this dynamic breakout session will reflect on the role that VET institutions have in the greening and sustainability aims. The session will end with the commitment shown by each participant with the creation of a common manifesto. Moderators: Ainhoa Dominguez Mikel Arrieta Oier […]

Future of education and implications for students in VET

How can employers build better labour market signals to address this mismatch and enable genuinely inclusive and diverse recruitment? where a group of employers will gather to talk to the students on career readiness. The workshop organised in collaboration with Education students and others, will showcase on “how students engage with employers through career guidance […]

Educational Management corner

Setting the scene How do I feel today as a manager of a VET providing institution after Covid-19 crisis and in the middle of another crisis, the continuing war in Europe. Introduction to the topic and discussion in groups Presenting the status quo on well-being of managers by the groups (if six groups, then 5 […]

SELFIE Based Institutional Digital Development Plan

Setting the scene The tool SELFIE for work-based learning (WBL) has been designed by the European Commission to support VET institutions and companies to reflect about their use of digital technologies for teaching, learning and training. SELFIE WBL empowers the digital development of VET education. In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to […]

Tourism & Inclusive Excellence

Setting the scene VET organizations play a fundamental role in including disadvantaged learners in education and in the labor market. Enabling accessible tourism is important both for the tourism market and for education providers. The Thematic Teams about “Tourism” and “Inclusive Excellence” decided to organize a workshop to understand better how to improve VET inclusiveness […]

Internationalisation of VET Excellence

Setting the scene Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a strategic policy orientation for the EU and its member states. It goes beyond simple cooperation between member states and entails an approach that facilitates, encourages and reinforces cooperation with countries and organisations beyond the EU. Internationalisation has attracted more attention the recent years […]