Christina Tsagkli

My name is Christina Tsagkli, and I am currently studying as a medical laboratory assistant at IEK SVIE in Athens. I am very passionate about my studies, and I enjoy participating in events that my school carries out or promotes. I have always wanted to take part in an Erasmus program in order to expand my horizons and share my views. When my school informed me of the 32nd EfVET Annual Conference 2023, I searched about EfVET, and I was inspired by your mission and the conference’s theme. It is also very touching that the conference is going to be held on Rhodes, a unique island that unfortunately suffered in July due to large wildfires. For all the above reasons, I decided to express my interest.

Furthermore, I mentioned that I was inspired by the conference’s theme. I grew up in a beautiful place surrounded by big green mountains and an enchanting sea. I learned from a very young age to respect the environment and take action to protect it. For instance, I try to reduce, reuse, and recycle. In addition, I avoid shopping at fast fashion brands, and I use public transportation. I have also participated in the past in cleaning beaches and planting trees. I truly believe that even small actions can have a huge impact.