CS-21 “21st century skills for the creative industry education”

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

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In this project, the partners aim to define the most relevant 21st century skills for the creative industry education, by analysing the gap between industry needs and educational (VET) offerings.
Subsequently they aim to bring these skills into VET education by proposing it as an integrated part of the vocational education and the creative design process. To do so, the project will organize training weeks where vocational teachers will receive professionalization regarding the relevant 21st century skills, and will immediately apply these by coaching international student projects. This way, the teachers will receive knowledge and build up experience at the same time, so they can act as ‘ambassadors’ towards their colleagues at home. In the meantime, practical tools and exercises will
be tested on the spot, and experiences will be exchanged regarding the implementation of these programs and tools at the home institutions. The overall objective will be the professionalization of the participating teachers as well as their peers at home, and the implementation of the 21st century skills in the strategic agendas of the schools, and, via international networks like EGIN and the IC, also in other schools.

Is the project successful so far and what were the highlights and challenges during the implementation of this project?
This is an opportunity to learn about the results and implementation of this project but also to find partners in this field of education.