2. Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0

Politeknika Txorierri

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Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0. covers the set of technologies that are allowing the leap to the digital and connected industry. Large companies already have innovation departments that allow them to integrate digitization, but small and medium-sized companies often do not have the resources to tackle such a major change and need the support of external agents to help them. The Digital Transformation in Advanced Manufacturing-DTAM project wanted to meet this skills gap. The DTAM initiative has defined an educational curriculum to train EU technicians to deploy and manage digital tools in Smart Manufacturing. The curriculum focuses on deploying and managing digitalisation technology in the Advanced Manufacturing sector.

The DTAM project will run until the end of 2023 under the coordination of Politeknika Txorierri (Spain) with a budget of almost 1 million euros linked to the European Union Erasmus+ SSA programme. The DTAM consortium brings together 10 organisations from Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria representing different stakeholders sharing a common vision: vocational education and training providers, higher education institutions, digital transformation experts and sectoral representatives are collaboratively designing, testing, refining and exploiting an integral curriculum in digital transformation competence for mid to high level EU technicians, available in English and all 5 partner languages.

In this session, we will present the main project outputs: the 5 online modules on Cybersecurity, Sensorica, Machine Learning, Big Data and Soft Skills and their connected IoT labs for hands-on practical training; the Self- Assessment Tool on Soft and Technical Skills; and the Training Curricula and Methodology..