Discover the most exciting learning community in Europa: eTwinning


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Discover the most exciting learning community in Europa: eTwinning. A free international experience for every student.

The initiative ‘eTwinning opened doors for more than 1 million teachers across Europe. Over 17 years ago eTwinning was one of the first free online tools to make exclusively online international collaboration possible. Today eTwinning is a strong community of teachers in Europe and beyond where teachers and students continue to learn and grow everyday It offers a solution for ALL your students to gain an international experience and work on their intercultural skills. For free and without travelling.

We believe that all students deserve the chance to explore the world around them, without the possible limitations of having to travel. To meet their peers from other countries, communicate, learn new languages, and gain new perspectives. This inclusive form of internationalization at home (within the borders of your own classroom), allows every student to gain the skills they need not only for their future profession, but also for the future world.

eTwinning is also a great way to develop your own international skills and network as a VET teacher. These skills are also part of being a futureproof teacher. To ‘practise what you preach’ and never stop learning. Through eTwinning teachers have given a new impulse to their work, expanded their international network and learned new pedagogical practices.

During this round table meeting we will show various practical examples of how you set up an eTwinning collaboration and show what the impact of such projects are. We will provide tips on how to start your own virtual collaboration and basically show you right away how to use eTwinning.