DOCE (Digital & Online Creativity Education)

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

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The current COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need for modernisation and digital transformation of education and training across Europe. While many institutions are well resourced and have considerable knowledge and experience in providing effective remote/online teaching and learning to students, others are not so fortunate. During this global crisis educators have found themselves having to adapt and learn very quickly in ‘real time’ how to plan and deliver an engaging and inclusive curriculum ‘remotely’, while simultaneously helping their students adapt to the huge change in how they acquire new knowledge and skills.
The goal of this 18-month project was to advance and reinforce the ability of teachers in vocational education and training institutions to develop and deliver effective, high quality, inclusive digital education within the creative sector and beyond.

Was the project successful and what were the highlights and challenges during the implementation of this project?
This is an opportunity to learn about the results and implementation of this project but also to find partners in this field of education.