E+ KA2 European e-Transport Network for VET – ENT4VET


Hassinen/Salpaus Further Education and Ramirez Salesians Sarria

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The aim of this project is to narrow the skill gap between electric transport, VET education and labour market needs. This supports the attractiveness of electric vehicles contributing to the EU Green deal.

Project objectives and activities:
• Study the e-transport network of 3 host partners (incl. SWOT analysis).
• Discussion and analysis of possibilities for student & staff ‘e-transport mobilities’.
• LTT activity/training ‘How to improve my networking skills and competences?’
• Studying ‘e-transport best practices’ (teaching materials and methodologies) + Dis-cussion about ‘e-transport FAQ’s + finding answers’ with e-transport work life repre-sentatives.
• Participating in one or more meetings where English is used for communication.
• Participating in one or more cultural experiences.

At the roundtable session:
– we would especially like to discuss with you about how to utilise large subject-based networks in general
– we will be presenting the concept Study and Network Event activity that we have developed for knowledge sharing in e-transport field