European Business Behaviour and Democracy

Business College Helsinki

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We have developed the EBBD portfolio in three Erasmus+ projects. The last project EBBD Prime ended this this and we would like to introduce the renewed and updated portfolio for interested colleges.

EBBD provides students and adult learners with an economic focus options to acquire additional qualifications in the fields of Economy, Europe and Mobility. These competences form a homogeneous standard across Europe. Thus EBBD is a label of excellence which is based on national/regional curricula but goes beyond.

Besides the economic nucleus of the qualification transversal skills based on European frameworks for digitalisation, entrepreneurship and life-long learning are an essential part of the profile.

As a consequence, the introduction of the EBBD leads to an added value not only for the graduates, but also for the economy and the participating edcuational institutions. It enhances the development of a European Education Area in general.