Green Skills in Western Balkans


SOSU Ostjylland is coordinating the 3½ years’ project “VET for Western Balkan”, which has been granted by the European

Commission with 1 million Euro.

The aim of the project is to improve and modernise the VET educations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro – among others by enhancing the competences of VET teachers and managers and by introducing new topics /curricula in VET education.

Of course, green skills should be an issue and an element in the modernisation of VET educations and this workshop will give us an excellent opportunity to involve experienced and innovative thinking persons in the field of education in this process – and it will give the participants in our workshop the opportunity to become co-creators in the process of improving VET educations in Western Balkans.

The partnership behind “VET for Western Balkan” consists of 12 partners and with EfVET as an associated partner.

Questions to stimulate discussion

  1. What are actually “green skills” / How will you define “green skills”?
  2. What competences/skills/knowledge should a VET teachers have to educate students in green skills?
  3. How can the training in green skills be an integrated part of VET topics?