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In the workshop, we present four scenario models of the future of VET that have emerged as a result of the work of our thematic team. The scenarios are based on the working group’s evaluation of future megatrends, strong and weak signals, and the assessment of their impact from the perspective of vocational education and training.

The four scenarios presented look at the future through aspects that are central to the operation of educational institutions. How is the education system expected to evolve and how will learning be made possible in the coming years? Target of the workshop is that participants would be able to perceive the effects of future changes on the operation of their own educational institution and the development of organizations. The results will be reviewed through some examples and participants will be activated to give their own insight into the completion of the work.

Thursday 28th October

Session 1: 14:30 -16:00
Session 2: 16:20 -17:50

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