International competencies: learning outcomes of internationalisation for students & teachers


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Nuffic is the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education. From primary and secondary education to vocational and higher education, research and adult education. Internationalisation is not a purpose in itself. It is a means to prepare students for learning, living and working in an intercultural society and an international labour market. For which we believe you need international competencies. Our ambition is for all pupils and students to have the opportunity to acquire international competencies, whether at home or abroad. In 2020, Nuffic developed a model which provides insight in possible learning outcomes of internationalisation activities, abroad and at home.

However, it is equally important for education staff to acquire international competencies. Both for their own professional development, as well as to help them guide their students in attaining international competencies. Therefore, we’ve developed a new model that reflects possible learning outcomes of internationalisation for teachers and staff.

Both models will be presented during our proposed presentation. Additionally, we would dive into the roles of teachers in students’ development of international competencies.