Andre Schoonhoven efvet

Mr Andre Schoonhoven

Andre Schoonhoven, working as head of the International Office in Da Vinci College, The Netherlands. He started his professional career as a social worker, working with disadvantaged children and later with adults having problems with addiction to harddrugs, alcohol or gambling. Started in 1999 in Da Vinci to combine life as a social worker and teaching in the Social Care Department.  Since 2003 full

time in the college, teaching and tutoring students. In different jobs there has always been an international aspect. 

Since 2008 working in the International Office organising mobility for students and staff, and from 2014 KA2 projects. Since 2014 Da Vinci is an active partner in a wide variety of projects, including a CoVE, a Sector Skills Alliance and now coordinating two KA2 projects.


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