Let’s make EfVET events more sustainable!


Sustainability – both from cultural, social, ecological and economical points of view – offers an opportunity to equip students with more positive expectations and images for the future. Empowerment by activating: you can do something yourself to make future better! This time students offers this opportunity for you by moderating the workshop “Let’s make EfVET events more sustainable!”. They will give the floor for you to tell your best ideas on how to make Annual Conference more sustainable. 
In the beginning of the workshop students will showcase how EfVET has considered sustainability when organising the Event. Then the participants will be divided into two groups. Groups are moderated by two student teams. In the end of the workshop students will present the key messages from both groups. 

After the workshop students work in two teams to make a two-minute presentation with the support of your inputs on how to make EfVET’s annual event more sustainable. The participants of the Event will vote the winner team in the final plenary session after their 2-minute peeches. Let’s make EfVET events more sustainable!

Questions to stimulate discussion

  1. What kind of good sustainable practices you have used/noticed at events?
  2. What new sustainable actions could introduced at EfVET annual conferences?
  3. How could we make the conference more sustainable in the future?