Olatz Astigarraga

According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations),  the number of people affected by hunger rose to as much as 828 million in 2021, while 17 percent of our food ends up being wasted. Taking into account these bloodcurdling statements, I think that “Let´s make EfVET events more sustainable” is an unbeatable opportunity to get the heart of this problem and take actions with regard to a more sustainable future.

Being a cook I am more than aware about this global problem, and that´s the main reason of taking part in this conference. I truly believe that big transformations come from small changes, and each of us have to be the first ones to set an example. We have the capacity and resources to create a more sustainable world, and this conference is the perfect place to plant a really needed seed.

During my experience in restaurants and gastronomical fairs I have witnessed with my own eyes the outrageous waste of food that, unfortunately, feels as a habit and not as an exception. I want to be part of the change, and this starts now.