Paolo Nardi

Paolo Nardi is Executive Director of the European forum for Technical Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) and one of the project leaders of the GIVE CoVE project. Coordinator of the international relations and applied research at La Cometa and of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre for Italy until June 2023, he is currently active as Board Member of VETNET (association of researchers in VET) and Steering Committee member of Karanga – Global Alliance for Social Emotional Learning. Member of the Editorial Board at Nuova Professionalità (VET journal). After a Master in Public Policy at Brunel University London, he got a PhD in International Law and Economics at Università Bocconi, Milan. Active in practice-led research, his interests mainly focus on education and training, namely innovations in pedagogy and life skills; they also include studies in non-profit organizations, social innovation and community development.