1. RoboCup

RTS and Kuben Videregående Skole

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RoboCup - Developing skills in safe robotics

The project has four partners. Egibide in Basque Country, Keuda in Finland, Kuben Videregående Skole in Norway and Roskilde Tekniske Skole in Denmark.

The project has been running since January 2022 and have now completed the four learning activities, in this project named MicroChallenges – Get a Grip, Test for Success, Play Safe and Better Together.

RoboCup is about developing skills in safe robotics for VET learners. But is is also about making friends across boarders. We have – with great success – had a total of 51 students envolved in project. The students have been participating in the four MicroChallenges held in the four partner countries. Every MicroChallenges have had 16 students – four from each partner school – participating. They have been devloping skills in Robotics as well as improving on their social skills, communication skills, cooperation skills and time management skills.

The roundtable will be a presentation of the results from the four MicroChallenges and the learning material for the RoboCup.