Politeknika Txorierri

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The project will help prepare students (future workers) for emerging technological realities in the automated systems and robotics fields for the Industry 5.0 scenario where there is even more collaboration between humans and robots. ROMOTICS has developed an online Training course in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) with self assesment tests. As the three core project partners with AMRs in their centres (AFPI Eure Seine Estuaire, APRO and Politeknika Txorierri) all have different robot brands, the materials will cover these differences providing standard/universal materials that are extremely useful for creating and demonstrating general programming applicable to any AMR. 

ROMOTICS has also developed a Teachers toolkit with 6 real challenges for Automation and Robotics learners using a Challenge-Based Collaborative Learning approach. The Teachers Toolkit, which includes pedagogical support, can be used by any educationalist for their professional development. The Challenge Based Methodology provides general tools which will allow teachers to develop their own challenges for their own students in different fields.

We are pleased to share our project results during our round table session.