SELFIE and Technology Enhanced Learning

SELFIE is an online self-reflection tool developed to support schools, including VET, to assess their digital readiness and preparedness by looking at different dimensions such as VET school strategies, infrastructure, teaching practices, equipment, and the experience of learners.

The European Commission has developed an online tool, SELFIE , which allows school communities to reflect on their digital readiness.

The EfVET has been supporting member partner countries through the COVID-19 lockdown. Part of this support has consisted in a series of three inter-connected online events discussing experiences with the use of SELFIE, the needs arising as a result, and scale-up prospects in the Germany, Slovenia, Poland, France countries.

We can consider the capacity of schools and teachers to use digital technologies for the best learning. Digital technologies are making it easier for teachers to step into new roles as facilitators of (peer) learning. And the role of teachers to really understand and use these tools for the learning process is an essential one

SELFIE WBL plays a key role in supporting VET schools to understand the areas that need attention to develop their digital strategies being also recognised as a very useful tool to reflect on already existing strategies.  SELFIE WBL is an online tool, free of charge, that can be used by any school in any country in Europe.

Thursday 28th October

Session 1: 14:30 -16:00
Session 2: 16:20 -17:50

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