SELFIE Based Institutional Digital Development Plan

Setting the scene

The tool SELFIE for work-based learning (WBL) has been designed by the European Commission to support VET institutions and companies to reflect about their use of digital technologies for teaching, learning and training. SELFIE WBL empowers the digital development of VET education. In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the potential of SELFIE WBL, to know some ongoing work and projects related to the tool and to discuss about the following topics and its relation to SELFIE WBL (identifying examples of good practices, if possible):
  1. Teachers continuous professional development needs in terms of digital competence
  2. Identification of real needs
  3. Individual experiences
  4. Barriers
  5. How to foster the digital transformation of VET
  6. Role of SELFIE WBL and school digital action plan
  7. Joint effort
  8. Involvement of different stakeholders
  9. Engagement in the long run
  10. Challenges
  11. Working with companies (especially in work-based learning environments) in terms of digital transformation of the training system
  12. Challenges and potential solutions
  13. Communication and involvement of companies
  14. Dealing with differences in equipment between VET institution and companies
  15. Addressing real needs from companies