Supporting Alliance for African Mobility -SAAM

San Viator/EfVET

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Utilising an already-existing network of professional training centres, non-formal training organisations, NGOs and European umbrella organisations, SAAM aims to support the mobility of VET teachers across a range of disciplines. This alliance targets the development of new curricula, methodologies, technologies and management, as well as supports training job-shadowing and knowledge acquisition on internationalisation, transparency tools and educational pathways.
The “ Supporting Alliance for African Mobility ” will create a VET network based on peer-to-peer connections between VET centres in Africa and Europe in order to obtain successful results, provide a bigger impact and create real and prosperous connections”
EU staff from VET centres travel to Africa in mixed groups of teachers and staff from different EU countries.
The African hosting VET centres organise a two-week job-shadowing period where the EU teachers have the chance to observe, study and understand the VET system in their hosting country.
The EU staff gather information during their job shadowing period in African
System, a specific overview of the VET system in each African country, and a list of recommendations to fill the gap between the European and the African VET systems, by highlighting the good practices observed that can nourish the European education.
The report and conclusion will be based on the EQAVET framework and indicators.