Sustainable Education and Approaches in future

Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges, training centres, university and industry leaders in Europe are faced with unprecedented challenges as they put education on record in the face of rising upskilling unemployment sector. VET can teach students practical skills around sustainability workshops will explore how we can contribute to the objectives of the Green Deal by providing the skills needed in the green sectors. The European Pact for Skills, in synergy with the European Green Deal, offers the best opportunity to strengthen such collaboration and succeed in the green transition. These changes are already needing the acquisition of a whole new set of skills, from technical to soft ones, that can allow full participation in the economic activity and the labour market but, beyond them, a green energy needs to be developed also in the training support.

EU promised to create more than 1 million new jobs in the EU by 2030 and more than 2 million by 2050.

Questions to be discussed include:

  • Can the climate target result in a net gain for EU jobs?
  • Which skills needed for a greener working life by 2030?
  • How do we work together transnationally to find sustainable solutions with the VET Institutions?
  • How do we facilitate collaboration between civil society organisations, companies, industries and public education colleges towards a sustainable future?
  • What kind of skills should such on VET/HVET?


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