Mika Saarinen

Counsellor of Education and Head of Unit, Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI)

Mika Saarinen is a Counsellor of Education and Head of Unit at the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI, the national development body of education and training in Finland. He is also the Deputy Director of the Finnish Erasmus+ National Agency. He has worked for over twenty years with both vocational education and training, higher education and most recently also general and adult education questions. He is experienced in European Union matters and has extensive knowledge in implementing the Erasmus-programme and its predecessors. His experience spans both national and international development work within the EU and globally concerning education, the world of work and skills & competences and he occupies a number of committee, advisory group and governing board positions both nationally and on EU-level. Mika has a master’s degree within theoretical philosophy from the University of Helsinki, Finland and he also has done further studies in international politics and adult education.