33. The GIVE project

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The “Governance for Inclusive Vocation Excellence” (G.I.V.E.) Project is one of the Centers of Vocational Excellence funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme and represent an alliance of VET centers, Universities and Companies aiming to innovate the VET sector designing and implementing an holistic model for the true inclusion of learners belonging to disadvantaged groups.

The GIVE project is developing a comprehensive model of governance, management and training practices for the development of a truly inclusive VET ecosystem.

The practices were developed in order to provide VET practitioners, managers and companies with practical and operational tools specifically aimed at acquiring an inclusive mindset and facilitating the inclusion of learners facing specific disadvantages.

Main activities of project are: pedagogical and management approaches modulization, training practices modulization, training development and piloting, digital platform and transnational mobility. 

-Pedagogical and management approaches modulization aims to define a robust framework for explaining, mapping and exchanging partners innovative, active and inclusive pedagogies, securing their transferability and usability.

-Training practices modulization will focus on partners inclusive teaching-learning practices, with a strong methodological. It aims at identifying a baseline for innovative practices and tools, in terms of both quality of training and effectiveness of employability for every learner. The areas of work will include: Personalization, Work-based training models for inclusion, School-Job Guidance & Transition, Company induction, Governance, Mobility.

-Training development and piloting foresee the development of the training courses, piloting, evaluation and fine tuning. 

-Digital platforms will develop three digital platforms, each with a specific purpose and target:

1)Online training structure: part of GIVE’s training courses will be delivered online

2)Digital Mobility Marketplace: to bring together VET centres and job providers

3)GIVE’s online Community of Practice (CoP).