Think and act like an entrepreneur

GBS St.Gallen

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A practical recipe to boost the entrepreneur skills with a tasty mixture of General Knowledge, Economics and English – cheers!

Personal initiative and entrepreneurial thinking and action are essential for young people who want to help shape the economy and society of tomorrow ( Both can be trained and learned. At present, however, the subject of “entrepreneurial thinking and action” is given too little attention at vocational schools in Switzerland. We would like to change that. As part of the pilot project “Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting at Vocational Schools in Switzerland – Economic, Social and Ethical Dimensions”, we are currently testing the implementation of the program as part of general education classes (ABU). The link with vocational education is planned in the extended program myidea professional.
At GBS St.Gallen, we are bringing together content from entrepreneurship, business and general education classes in a pilot project. At the same time, we train the English language by carrying out teaching sequences using CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The contact with start up founders is a motivating element of this semester. Afterwards, the students deepen the skills they have learned during eight weeks of supervised, self-organized in-depth work.