Time to teach Sustainability together – Sustainability in shared CLASS-rooms (SCLASS)


Zealand Business College (ZBC)

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A group of partners from 6 European countries has developed a website that provides you with inspirational material and collaborative teaching modules based on the Sustainable development Goals. The website also offers you a Teacher’s Guide on how to teach in a virtual classroom with students from another country. It is all free and at your disposal.

The project started November 2020 and will end 31st of October 2022. 

Visit the website: https://sclass.eu/ – here you also find the six partner schools and training centers that developed the website and the material (Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Denmark (lead).

The main objectives of the SCLASS project have been to:
– Develop common teaching modules in sustainability and the UN global development targets across disciplines for the youth group in Europe
– Develop a European tool for teacher partnerships to promote global skills of the youth
– A digital partner ressource platform for teaching and teacher-students collaboration

The idea is that you get all the inspiration and tools at our website – and find your partners for a new collaborative project in for instance European School Education Platform or the Facebook page that we will create as well. In these platforms you can announce which of the teaching modules you would like to try out with teachers from other European countries. You find guidelines on the website under ‘Find a partner’.

In this roundtable we would like to invite you into the website and give you a short introduction to the different pages and tools. PLEASE BRING A PHONE so that you can enter the website during the roundtable. We invite you to be active and give feedback and ideas on how we can make the most of the Teaching Modules and the Teacher’s Guide. Tell us how you imagine you can use it in your shools and training centers. What are the challenges but also the added value when it comes to working together in shared, virtual and cross-boarder classrooms? – we give some of the answers at the website – but we are curious about your inputs. 

We are looking forward to meeting you around the table.
Malene Olsgaard from ZBC, Danish Lead Partner of SCLASS