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TOURing - Pact for Tourism Skills – Towards a greener and a more digital Tourism Era

TOURing aims at reshaping the Tourism micro & SMEs by upskilling them over the green and digital skillsets in order to build a tourism sector of tomorrow that is economically, digitally and environmentally viable in the long-term through the implementation of more sustainable and digital models within Tourism micro & SMEs in the post-covid environment.

In fact, the project TOURing, whose full title stands as “Pact for TOURism Skills – Towards a greener & a more digital Tourism Era”, focuses its attention on the next phase of activities and aspirations for the sector targeted – namely tourism. Current and ongoing trends are interpreted from the perspective of the medium-long term future, in order to anticipate the challenges ahead through proactive actions to be implemented in the tourism sector.
The General Objectives of the project:

A. Foster innovation, specifically on the activities undertaken by micro-SMEs in the touristic sector.

B. Ensuring the transfer of innovative products, once these are developed and piloted in TOURing.

C. Support the implementation of innovative initiatives, specifically those with a strong impact on education & training reforms in strategic policy areas.

D. Strengthen the European capacity to innovate, promoting and mainstreaming this approach in education and training.

E. Sparking systemic change through innovation at both grassroot and policy level.

F. Give space and incubate ideas that look towards the future, focusing on the key strategic areas of the EU, and in particular those that can be replicated across different sectors.

G. Ensure that the results produced are fully exploited at European level, ensuring their sustainability over time.
This will be done in synergy will the above objectives, so to ensure coherency throughout the project activities and an harmonious process of communication throughout the whole project implementation.

In particular, the project is funded under the Forward-Looking call’s Lot 2 “Vocational Education and Training”, following Priority 3, namely “Supporting the Pact for Skills” . Exploring further the meaning and scopes of this Lot and its related priority, it is possible to understand the strategic importance and value of TOURing in the European framework of action grants. In synergy with the Pact for Skills for Tourism, a branch of the larger initiative, TOURing will enjoy the mutual support of the activities of the Pact, while supporting the same strategic objectives for the touristic sector.