Tourism & Inclusive Excellence

Setting the scene

VET organizations play a fundamental role in including disadvantaged learners in education and in the labor market. Enabling accessible tourism is important both for the tourism market and for education providers. The Thematic Teams about “Tourism” and “Inclusive Excellence” decided to organize a workshop to understand better how to improve VET inclusiveness in tourism education. How to support students with difficulties? How to include accessible tourism in didactics? These are some of the questions that workshop are asked to answer thanks to active and participative approach. The workshop will start with an introduction of the “Tourism” and “Inclusive Excellence” Thematic Teams, followed by the presentation of a project about inclusive tourism and inclusive excellence. Then, participants are going to be split in 3 small groups to facilitate debate about the questions on both topics. A final restitution session will enable mutual learning from other participants perspective, experience and expertise. The workshop’s results will be capitalized in the “Tourism” and “Inclusive Excellence” Thematic Teams after the conference.