Tourism education in the future

VET institutions play a fundamental role in seizing and foreseeing the future trends of the business sectors they provide education for. This difficult role is nonetheless very important to provide prepared and up-to-date professionals entering and enriching the market. The Tourism Thematic Team focuses on such principles in order to enhance discussion as well as action voted to the pursue of this fundamental objective in the field of Tourism and Tourism education in VET centers.

What will Tourism look like in the next years? The COVID-19 pandemic is just one of the variables affecting and changing the traditional face of the tourism experience. How does Tourism education need to respond and adapt to the new changes and challenges for the tourism professionals of tomorrow?

The workshop is going to start by presenting the future scenario of tourism, to then launch a further discussion in small groups on three key issues, that prove particularly relevant for the domain of Tourism education and for the Tourism Thematic Team focus of interest: 1. Sustainable and Green Tourism; 2. Digital transformation in the tourism field; 3. Mobility in tourism education.

After 30 minutes of debate about the key issues, participants will be driven by moderators to identify policies and practices that prove especially innovative and promising and, finally, to set a lead for their future activities on tourism education.

The workshop’s results will be capitalized in the thematic TTT subgroups after the EfVET conference and will be further discussed and developed in the environment of the Tourism Thematic Team.

Thursday 28th October

Session 1: 14:30 -16:00
Session 2: 16:20 -17:50

EfVET Conference 2021 tree tourism education

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