Training Teachers and Trainers for the 4.0 paradigm – FIT for 4.0

fit for 4.0


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Fit for 4.0: training trainers and teachers for the 4.0 paradigm” is a three years educational and innovative project (September 2019 – December 2022), which involves 10 partners in 8 European Countries: Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom. They represent a competent and skilled mix of excellent European VET players, in the spirit of providing for a true “strategic partnership”.
Starting from the will of the partners to take up the challenges and invitations proposed by UE in educational field, the priorities of this project are to open education and innovative practices in a digital era and to support the uptake of innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and learning.
Industry 4.0, digital revolution, smart factories, global interconnection are the keywords describing the present developments of the labour world, and VET can become “the first choice” to live this transformation.
At present, only a few training centres in Europe can exploit necessary equipment and, even more important, most of teachers and trainers are not aware of the dimension of such changes, or are able to exploit the required tools, conceptual and methodological first, rather than technological. Some of them need a clearer picture of the nature, implications and real meaning of the 4.0 paradigm, which is not only ”Industry” 4.0 and technology.
Therefore, in order to make VET sustainable, this project aim is to update its times and tools, favouring collaboration among teachers/trainers, learners, training providers, companies, social parts, local authorities.
The Massive On-line Open Course (MOOC) delivering the training units for the train-the-trainers programme. It includes exercises, in-depth information, links to open educational resources (OER). All material (video clips, text, drills, quizzes, infographics, examples, web links, etc.) is meant to also provide a base for building further learning activities either face-to-face or for distance learning.