12. TT Internationalization / Coaches & Athletes

FP Empresa / UMSZKI

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TT Internationalization / Coaches & Athletes: Green Erasmus mobilities

The EfVET Thematic Theme Internationalization promotes the activity Coaches&Athletes. This activity of the TT offers the opportunity to shares experiences between EfVET members. Colleagues high experience in international cooperation (Coaches) offer their expertise to other members that want to improve their knowledge, acquire new skills, in specific areas (Athletes). 

Coaches&Athletes is not meant to have an Expert to Rookie format. The idea is to create a space where we can all share our ideas and best practices. We can all be Coaches, teaching others, and Athletes, learning from others, during the same activity.

The Erasmus program fosters Green mobilities. In this case, the roundtable will offer the opportunity to talk about how to prepare and manage Erasmus projects taking into account the sustainability, the environment and the impact on the carbon footprint of Erasmus projects.

Szilvia and Carlos will be coaching the roundtable and we hope to team up to improve green Erasmus projects in the near future.