13. VET to VET

Apro Formazione s.c.a r.l. and SEDU

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VET to VET - Capacity Building in Western Balkans (V2V)

V2V is a European pilot project, led by Apro Formazione and funded by the European Union. The project aims to improve innovation, modernization and internationalization of Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools in the Western Balkans.
The partnership consists of ten VET schools, five within the European Union (Apro Formazione, Sedu, Noorderpoort, SIC Ljubljana, Gospodarska škola) and five between Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Danilo Kiš, Ivan Uskoković, AVETAE, DTC, SSSK Sarajevo) .

The logic of the project is based on constant twinning, coaching and support between the countries participating in the European program and the partners from the Western Balkans. With a bottom-up approach, each of the five European vocational training institutes works alongside an institution from the Western Balkans in order to accompany it in a process of development of technical, organizational, educational and managerial skills. The international networks EfVET and Xarxa support this important partnership.
During its 36-month duration, the V2V pilot project developed services and outcomes that can impact the entire vocational school community in the Western Balkans and third countries in the long term.

Results were achieved thanks to the sharing of best practices of European schools in the fields of internationalization, mobility, dual learning, school and business cooperation, teacher training programs, entrepreneurship education, guidance and insertion into the labour market, as well as regarding non-formal and informal skills.
The main results achieved by the project are:
REPOSITORY: an on-line repository to facilitate the mobility of staff and students among the partnership Countries;
GLOSSARY: glossary of terms about internationalization, mobility, strategies, VET systems;
MOBILITY PROCESS: a modular mobilty process easily appliable by newcomers;
ANALYSIS TOOLKIT: a set of tools to analyse the level of internationalisation in schools and to establish the activities needed to bridge the skills gap;
COURSE CATALOGUE : a catalogue of on-line free training materials for teachers and managers of VET schools;
STAFF VISITS CATALOGUE: a catalogue or professional visits for VET staff about the project themes;
BEST PRACTICE CATALOGUE: a catalogue of best practices to solve WB schools challenges with easy to apply methods, approaches and tools.

Are you willing to know how we planned these activites, which are the results we achieved and our future plans?
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