Well-Being of Managers, in promoting skills for Green transitions. Ways of foreseeing and making successful strategies in VET for green transitions.


The green transition demands leaders to acquire strategic new competencies in their professions. Leaders and supervisors have various roles in many functions, processes, and events. These roles include activities such as operations and financial planning, decisions related to students, and stakeholder collaboration. In a complex world dominated by technology and the increasing amount of workers’ rights, managers are seeking adjustments to ensure the smooth running of organisations. VET Schools, colleges and higher education institutions are not an exception to this reality. On the one hand, technology and AI are supporting managers in monitoring their organisations and in ensuring the well-being of their employees. On the other hand, there is an increasing demand for green initiatives that make our lives and institutions sustainable for as long as possible. Transforming institutions into green contexts can be demanding and stressful but at the same time an educational process on the effective and efficient way of using finite resources and saving our planet. The aim of this workshop is to share experiences of stress and well-being of managers and to explore possible ways of defining work related practices that minimise unpleasant circumstances that disrupt work and create unnecessary workloads. This session is a continuation from EfVET Kuopio Management Corner.

Which indicators in your work place are the roots of stress and which are those that indicate a sense of well-being and collaboration between staff members and between management and academic staff? 

Which green initiatives would you recommend to build a culture of sustainability, relaxed and hard working environment in your work place?